Meet Amber and Dakota

soul couple 300x300It all began with two children, Amber and Dakota, running through the woods, climbing trees, and exploring nature, one in Ohio and the other in South Carolina.  Little did we know we would meet face to face some forty years later with a shared interest in living holistically, authentically, and with a desire to support others in reconnecting to their truth.

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...bringing people together to remember the Oneness we share and witness our true potential through experiential workshops, soul-inspired retreats, and through reconnecting with our natural world.

We invite you to become a part of our community with those who share the joy of learning, evolving, and co-creating together.

Upcoming Events

Come visit us in the mountains for some of these great retreats and events!

  • Come Get Dirty

    Come Get Dirty

    Does your family enjoy eating pizza together?  Imagine the aroma of fresh wood fired pizza right in your backyard with whatever toppings you want straight from your garden!  Or freshly baked bread (gluten free, too), [...]

  • Awakening Your Heart Warrior

    Awakening Your Heart Warrior

    This retreat is all about finding your inner strength, and your inner wisdom. The deep wisdom we are all born with and lead our lives with, even in those quiet moments of not knowing. You will reconnect to nature, to Gaia and her ancient wisdom through profound ceremony and ritual, the elements, and the mystical experiences of spirit. Dakota will lead you through heart opening ceremonies and rituals to give you a sense of grounding, purpose and connectedness.

  • Shaman Goddess Boot Camp

    Shaman Goddess Boot Camp

    Get ready for our intensive weekend Shaman Goddess Boot Camp! Full of heart opening exercises, shamanic breathwork, ceremony and ritual - this retreat is designed to get you in touch with that inner golden thread of divine love towards yourself. Come on all you Goddess's ... let's do this!

Weekly Lodge Services

lodge service

If you are in our local area, join us for our weekly Lodge Services every Wednesday evening from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Our Lodge Services are based on the principles of Druidry, and Native American Teachings. The service includes a short teaching, guided meditation, ritual and/or ceremony, and community time. Weather permitting, our service will be held outside in one of our sacred areas. And if it's not conducive to be outside, we will be in our beautiful meditation space in the main cabin.

In the News

Dakota's meditation, Rise of the Phoenix, has been a featured Guided Meditation for Insight Timer, a mobile App that is sweeping the meditation community with it's new popularity. Dakota now ranks as the 8th highest rated meditation on the site and is among some of the top meditation experts out there including Tara Brach, Mooji, Eckart Tolle and more.

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Join an Online Soul Course

  • Dreaming Our Soul Back Home

    Dreaming Our Soul Back Home

    In this course you will learn the techniques Shaman's and mystics have used for thousands of years to travel to Non-Ordinary worlds. Each lesson gives you different tools and understanding, and work together to create soulful journeys for you to explore.

  • Awakening the Heart

    Awakening the Heart

    Awakening the Heart Awakening the heart and living a heart centered life allows you to see the world through different eyes. Our relationships are deeper and more meaningful, our work is more satisfying and our [...]

  • Living Into Your Sacred Purpose

    Living Into Your Sacred Purpose

    In this course you will discover the difference between Sacred Purpose and Life Purpose. We will unearth the Four House which make up our Sacred Purpose and take inventory of those houses. You'll be creating an actionable plan, manifesto and vision boards to support you on your journey towards embodying your Sacred Purpose.

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