Upcoming Events at Gaia

Meditation Immersion Retreat – July

What lies within the stillness at the center of your soul?  What divine guidance, beauty and love are hidden there?  Come and discover.  Take time apart in these quiet, ancient mountains at the Gaia Wisdom School and Sanctuary near Todd, NC for an intensive meditation retreat at the end of July.  This sacred time is set aside for you to cleanse and open your spirit, connect with your guides, and find encouragement, purpose and power.  This retreat will powerfully jumpstart your meditation practice, and strongly amplify the results.  Give yourself the gift of this sacred time apart.

Dakota Walker is “one of the most effective meditation facilitators in the United States” and you will have her support in a very intimate setting with limited enrollment. This is a rare opportunity created for you, and you are invited not to miss it as spaces fill quickly.

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Faerie Village Building Day Camp- July

Once upon a time, a happy community of faeries and gnomes lived joyfully together among the oaks at Gaia Wisdom School. Life was grand. They ate nuts and greens for dinner and sipped honey for dessert. When it got dark, they danced with the lightening bugs ‘til their feet hurt. Then they would fall into their mossy beds, holding tiny pajama parties under the mushrooms near the stream where the moon reflects in the water. In the daytime they played, unless there was work to be done. They often collected unusual pieces of bark, or seeds, feathers, and grasses, or a million other wild and special things found in the forest. These things they used to make their clothes and build their homes. Their homes were lovely, and because they were made of natural things, they blended into the forest perfectly!

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Video Blogs

  • Weathering Life’s Storms

    Weathering Life’s Storms

    Throughout our lives, we weather several storms - some big, some small. Somedays we are weathering storms all day long which lead to a sense of overwhelm, fatigue, and disconnection. In today's guided meditation you will visit these storms and reform your relationship to them. Gain new perspective, deeper wisdom, and learn what these storms are here to teach and how they are to shape who you are becoming. We may never escape the storms that come our way but we can clear the path to allow the water to flow effortlessly and traverse the landscapes better equipped.

  • Channeling the Divine

    Channeling the Divine

    This week's vlog is about ways in which we can channel the divine messages of our spirit guides, higher self, twin flame, and even our ancestors. Dakota gives you tools for channeling and understanding these messages.

  • A Prescription for Earth Medicine

    A Prescription for Earth Medicine

    Mother Earth has an amazing array of healing plants, and medicines for us. In this vlog, Dakota talks about connecting with Mother Earth to find the essential plants and medicine that will benefit us most and how to create that mutually respected relationship.

Weekly Lodge Services

lodge service

If you are in our local area, join us for our weekly Lodge Services every Wednesday evening from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Our Lodge Services are based on the principles of Druidry, and Native American Teachings. The service includes a short teaching, guided meditation, ritual and/or ceremony, and community time. Weather permitting, our service will be held outside in one of our sacred areas. And if it’s not conducive to be outside, we will be in our beautiful meditation space in the main cabin.

In the News

Dakota’s meditation, Rise of the Phoenix, has been a featured Guided Meditation for Insight Timer, a mobile App that is sweeping the meditation community with it’s new popularity. Dakota now ranks as the 8th highest rated meditation on the site and is among some of the top meditation experts out there including Tara Brach, Mooji, Eckart Tolle and more.

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Join an Online Soul Course

  • Dreaming Our Soul Back Home

    Dreaming Our Soul Back Home

    In this course you will learn the techniques Shaman's and mystics have used for thousands of years to travel to Non-Ordinary worlds. Each lesson gives you different tools and understanding, and work together to create soulful journeys for you to explore.

  • Awakening the Heart

    Awakening the Heart

    Awakening the Heart Awakening the heart and living a heart centered life allows you to see the world through different eyes. Our relationships are deeper and more meaningful, our work is more satisfying and our [...]

  • Living Into Your Sacred Purpose

    Living Into Your Sacred Purpose

    In this course you will discover the difference between Sacred Purpose and Life Purpose. We will unearth the Four House which make up our Sacred Purpose and take inventory of those houses. You'll be creating an actionable plan, manifesto and vision boards to support you on your journey towards embodying your Sacred Purpose.

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