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Sorry, it appears you have already gone on this journey! If you would like more, please find us at shamanicjourneyersclub.com

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certification program

Shamanic Coaching Certification

The Shamanic Soul Coach Certification Program is an online intensive training which utilizes ancient practices, quantum physics, Shamanic techniques and deep empowerment for soul growth. The Medicine Wheel is an ancient tool used for ritual, ceremony, vision quest, healing, and more. It is also a powerful metaphor for our journey through life. Each direction holds a piece of our puzzle, a way to decipher and receive significant messages from our spirits and allies.  It is also a conduit or portal to other realms and dimensions.

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Master Shamanic Certification

Take your training to the next level with the Master Shamanic Training. The Master Shamanic Training  is a well-rounded program for the Shamanic Soul Coach Practitioner to learn how to utilize the power of ancient wisdom, deeply rooted indigenous practices, heart centered intuition, and quantum physics to assist humanity to the next level of soul healing. A Master Shamanic Practitioner has a fully developed skill set and knows how and when to employ various tools by identifying what is in the highest good of their client.

Pre-Requisite Courses: Shamanic Coaching Program

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master program

Grow Your Soul with Shamanic Journeyers Club

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Shamanic Journeyers Club

Join a global community of like minded seekers as we embark on another long journey through time, space and more. You may join at any time, and for any amount of time. Each week you are sent a guided Shamanic Journey as well as an informative article and tips for deepening your practice. Join the monthly Q&A Soul Sessions and connect with others. Become a Soul Traveler or Explorer and you'll also get a weekly online course!

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